LWOL Recap: Tim Gourlay on Jan 23, 2019

January 31, 2019 12:04 By Aaron

The Power of Getting Started

Rainforester's braved the cold to hear from long time entrepreneur Tim Gourlay, Founder and CEO of Fitset.  Tim is a former athlete who had no plan to become a business owner, he wanted to be a pro athlete until things changed - after a few seasons of playing pro volleyball, Tim decided to come back to Canada for love, and to get married and take a different direction in his life. When Tim retired from athletics, he started working in sales and business development where he started feeling the itch for entrepreneurship. 

For Tim, getting started was the hardest part. How to start is also the question that Tim asked himself the most before jumping into entrepreneurship, and the question that he now gets asked the most often by aspiring entrepreneurs. In Tim's case, the nudge that got him started came from Joey Hundert, who once spoke at a Social Entrepreneurship class that Tim was enrolled in. Joey's advice was:

  1. Read the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, today!
  2. Start a Business, tomorrow!

Unfortunately, Tim did not take Joey's advice. but rather perservered in his sales job. 4-months later, while knocking on doors to earn money for someone else, Tim knocked on the door that turned out to be Joey's business. Joey recognized Tim immediately and said "you are the guy I challenged to start a venture, how is that going?" It was that moment that Tim decided he had to start Fitset. That day he made the mental shift that he was going to start the business and work at it until failure, because only then will you know that you have given all you have. 

Tim's key lesson is that patience is key. Things change quickly, but patience can help you get through the transition. In his case, the entire business changed in 3-months once Tim started a Ninja Warrior Course operating out of the old Sears location in Kingsway Mall. The growth of the company since being open to change and exploring the course has been unbelievable! 
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The next LWOL is on January 30th and will feature Brett Ireland of Bear Hill Brewing Company!

Brett Ireland is co-owner of Bearhill Brewing which consists of four brewpubs: Jasper Brewing in Jasper, Alberta (Canada’s first brewpub inside a national park); Banff Avenue Brewing in Banff, Alberta; Wood Buffalo Brewing in Fort McMurray, Alberta; and Calgary’s Last Best Brewing and Distillery. Prior to his foray into the craft beer industry, Ireland received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Alberta.

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