Members of the Rainforest

Members of the Rainforest are diverse, from founders, to inventors, to government, academia, and investors. 


Whether you are starting a business, have been running a business for years, or are a serial entrepreneur looking for your next challenge, Rainforest is for you. By joining our network of innovators, you have the opportunity to share your experience with others, helping them along the way, or to learn from experienced individuals who have been there and done it. 


As a researcher, inventor, or academic staff, your deep subject matter expertise might be just the missing piece needed to help solve a sticky problem or launch an entrepreneur to a new level of success or maybe you'll met someone with the business expertise to take your great idea to market. Come network with our members - you never know who you will meet and what will come from that.


As an individual who believes in the Rainforest principles, meeting with our members is the perfect opportunity to learn directly from the needs of your end-users. By getting involved directly in this grassroots initiative, you can be part of the change, and build a better tomorrow for all Albertan's.


You are full of ideas, beaming with enthusiasm and excited to participate in making Alberta a better place. Who knows what amazing things will come when you bring great your great ideas together with our doers. 

Consultants and Service Providers

Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, marketing expert, management consultant, or have office space available for lease, you provide the resources that innovators need to thrive. Join us, network with potential clients, and help create the conditions for entrepreneurship to thrive in Alberta. 


As a former entrepreneur or business person looking to invest in the next big thing, networking with out members is the perfect way to keep your ear to the ground and spot emerging trends before they pass you by.

Inventors, Changemakers, and Rule Breakers

Don't identify with any of the above but want to be part of the solution? Great, join us anyway. You never know what what possible collisions will happen and how you can get involved. 

Like What You See? Join the Movement!

Show your commitment to innovation in Edmonton by signing the Social Contract today. Though not a formal, or legally binding contract, the Social Contract sets out the guidelines of how we behave in the Rainforest, and makes explicit the cultural norms that support an innovative economy. 

Not Ready to Sign the Contract?

That's ok, we get it. Even though the contract isn't binding, it's still daunting to put pen on paper. We still want you to be involved, so join us at an upcoming event, or joi the email newsletter and stay in the know about state of innovation in Edmonton.