Building the Invisible Infrastructure that Supports Innovation in Edmonton

Why "Rainforest"?

You might think that a farm or factory would be a better metaphor for generating consistent results — and you’re right. Those are two environments where control and proven methods are used to force and perfect the expected result. But, there’s no control in innovation. That’s why we see it more like a rainforest: a wild, untamed place where the conditions are conducive to healthy new things emerging, growing, and evolving all on their own. 

Our role is to help innovators explore and connect these wild elements. Edmonton is a busy place with a lot of events of all types going on:

Culture > Money

​Investment dollars and big acquisitions make for great headlines. But would you have guessed that a healthier CULTURE of innovation is more essential to Alberta’s innovation ecosystem than a new influx of money? Without the right attitude, ideas don’t get off the ground. Without trust, team members leave and companies crumble. You can find money, but you have to create culture. ​​The culture of the Rainforest is expressed in our Social Contract - the document that defines how we engage with each other in the Rainforest context. 

Innovation Requires Participation!

Show your commitment to innovation in Edmonton by signing the Social Contract today. Though not a formal, or legally binding contract, the Social Contract sets out the guidelines of how we behave in the Rainforest, and makes explicit the cultural norms that support an innovative economy. By signing the Social Contract, you are joining a group of like-minded change-makers, doers, strategists, and thought leaders who have come together for the benefit of all Albertan's.

Sign the Social Contract