One of the major ways the Rainforest engages with the Edmonton entrepreneurial community is through events. This is because Rainforest is al about bringing people together and facilitating those serendipitous collisions between diverse groups of people. It is unstructured, unplanned, unexpected introductions that start people down a path towards innovation, especially when individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and skillsets come together. 

Rainforest doesn't exist to compete with all the other events going on in Edmonton's Innovation Ecosystem, but instead as a mixing pot where all the ideas, knowledge, skills, and get-it-down attitude can come together and discover new possibilities. We are strong believers in the support provided by various for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in the greater Edmonton area, which is why we support Dream Up yeg as a platform to bring everything entrepreneurial together in one place. But, we also host our own events and we would be thrilled if you would come and join us.

Who should attend a Rainforest event? 

  • Anyone interested in starting or growing an innovation-based  business in Alberta

  • Former entrepreneurs and business owners looking to share their experience and give back to the community that helped make them successful

  • Anyone exploring entrepreneurship as a potential career path

  • Individuals or companies who provide services to entrepreneurs at any stage of growth, from pre-start to growth to succession

  • Anyone interested in improving the culture of innovation and trust in Alberta, making a meaningful impact on the growth of the emerging innovation economy, or individuals who want to be part of the solution

  • Researchers, inventors, or makers who are looking for help in making their idea a reality

Our Events Cannot Happen without Generous Sponsorships!

Work Nicer is Alberta’s largest coworking community created on the foundation that no one succeeds alone. Community is more than a common space but a group of people who rally together to work through the struggles and celebrate the wins. What comes out of community is deeper connections, cooler collaborations and higher innovation.

The Advanced Technology Centre (ATC) is an incubator for growth-stage technology companies in the Edmonton Research Park in Edmonton, Alberta. We support tech game changers through growth-accelerating programs, development advice, support services, and modern, collaborative space.

What Events Do You Run?

Lunch without Lunch (LWOL)

LWOL is an informal get-together for Edmonton entrepreneurs, small business owners, academia, investors, and service providers. Anyone looking to encourage collisions between people and create connections that will help drive the success of entrepreneurs in Alberta's innovation system is welcome to attend.

Lunch without Lunch runs every Wednesday at Work Nicer Beaver House. 

To register for a LWOL event, click here.

Rainforest Connector

Rainforest Alberta - Connector is an informal get-together for Edmonton entrepreneurs at all stages (from ideation to exiting), small business owners, and service providers looking to encourage and promote collisions between people and create connections that will help drive the success of entrepreneurs in Alberta's innovation system.

Our Connector events run the evenings of the 2nd last Thursday of each month at the Advanced Technology Centre in the Edmonton Research Park.

To register for a Connerctor Event, click here.

Rainforest Summit Immersions

The Rainforest Alberta - yeg Summit brings together a group of Edmonton innovators, doers, strategists, and thought leaders together to evaluate Edmonton’s ecosystem and discuss how we can do better to create a true hub of innovation in Edmonton.

During the summit, attendees will analyze the state of innovation in Edmonton using the results of the Rainforest Scorecard. If you want to make sure that your voice is heard, Click here to complete the Scorecard Assessment (you don't have to be attending to help us gauge the state of innovation in Edmonton!).